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XamlQuery v1.2
Animation in XamlQuery
Posted on Aug-08-2010 (4983 hits)

XamlQuery provides some methods that simplifies the animation related tasks.

The Animate() method can be used to carry out a custom animation on a specified property. The speed of animation and begin/end property values can be specified through arguments to this method. Currently, this method supports animation on properties of data-type double (like Opacity, Width, Height, etc.)

The FadeOut(), FadeIn(), FadeTo(), FadeToggle(), SlideUp(), SlideDown(), SlideTo() and SlideToggle() methods can be invoked in animation-mode using the optional parameter Speed or custom duration (in milliseconds).

The Speed is an enumeration constant with the following values.

  • Normal (1000 milliseconds)
  • Slow (2000 milliseconds)
  • VerySlow (3000 milliseconds)
  • Fast (500 milliseconds)
  • VeryFast (200 milliseconds)

For live demonstration of animation methods of XamlQuery, see Examples and Demos.

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