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8pen Demo  (20378 hits)
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Posted by Prabu Arumugam on Nov-11-2010
Languages: C#, Silverlight

What is 8pen?

The 8pen is an innovative method to type fastly in handheld touch-screen devices, using simple gestures. It is introduced in Android smart-phones. If you don't have access to an Android smart-phone, you can learn how to use 8pen using this Silverlight app. See the official video about 8pen here.

For more info, see the original website of 8pen:
To download the source code of this demo app, see

8pen Demo (Live)

To start, click on the black circle and drag over the four sectors divided by colored lines.


This application is created just for educational purposes and to help users learn how to use 8pen. The original 8pen technology is copyrighted and much more advanced than this demo. People interested in Silverlight programming can download and study the source-code here.

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Comment by BlueBox on Nov-29-2010
Didnt we ditch rotary phones already? Kinda fun tho. backspace?
Comment by Ryan D. Hatch on Nov-23-2010
Comment by Siva on Nov-18-2010
Great Idea..Innovative....
Comment by Zane on Nov-17-2010
Nice work! Thanks for the demo!
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